Good morning! Our breakfast section serves up some refreshing breakfast specific restaurants that won’t be a rude awakening for your wallet. From Mexican to classic style day-starting meals, we’ve found it all for you, enjoy!

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Huevos Gourmet
4.5⋆  |   $

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Located at 2888 Lakeshore Blvd. West, this French-Mexican brunch spot is the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning with friends and family alike. Huevos fuses the classic brunch foods with the spice of Mexican culture. The small dining area, and welcoming staff makes for a friendly, small town feel. Best of all, at Huevos Gourmet you get way more than you pay for. Their low prices on such large portions will keep you and your wallet full. Keep it plain and simple with the Huevos Breakfast; two pieces of toasted baguette, five pieces of perfectly cooked bacon, classic home fries, and a healthy helping of eggs of your choice, all for $7.95. Give your meal some flare with churros for dessert. Huevos Gourmet is sure to be your new favourite after just one visit.


Sunny Morning
4⋆  |   $$

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Sunny Morning is as lovely as it sounds. The bright colours of this brunch hotspot create a friendly and fun environment for the whole family! All of the traditional breakfast foods, complete with fruit and yogurt, are on the menu to give you all the energy you need to reach into your wallet to pay for such premium foods. Wake up to their locations at 1392 Yonge St. and at 1602 The Queensway as soon as you can so you don’t have to live another day without a Sunny Morning.


4⋆  |   $$


Zoë’s may run for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the morning time menu is where it’s at. Predominantly known for its breakfast, regulars always swing by for the iconic breakfast quesadilla. Zoë’s is located at 548 King St W, smack dab in the heart of Toronto. You’ll feel right at home at this cozy spot, take Zoë’s word for it!


Boom Breakfast
4⋆  |   $


Looking for food that’s a real wake up call? Well this breakfast will bring the boom! Boom breakfast serves up some tasty breakfast meals that are equally as pleasing for the eyes. Try their Chocolate Monkey Waffles, Jump Start Egg Breakfast, or the coined Boom Power Breakfast at 808 College St, or at their 3 other locations! (174 Eglinton Ave W, 1036 St. Clair Ave West, and at 145 Hawkview Blvd Vaughn).