Night Out

Date night? Dinner Party? Feeling like dressing up? This section showcases restaurants that have the perfect atmosphere for a night-time dine for any occasion. Just because it looks fancy doesn’t mean it has to be priced that way!

Price Range $$$$$


Hey Lucy
4⋆  |  $$


Looking for a warm and cozy place for a casual date? Hey Lucy is the place for you! The authentic wood-oven makes for a rustic dining experience, and mixes the old with the new. With its three locations, you’ll be sure to run into a local Hey Lucy hotspot, on 440 Bloor St W, 229 Carlton St, or 295 King Street W. This pizzeria is perfect for people who love to sit in a state of nostalgia. Hey Lucy allows people of any age to enjoy a classic plate of wood-oven pizza.


7 West Café
4⋆  |  $$$

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Got a big date coming up and don’t know where to take them? Want a warm cappuccino and biscotti? Looking for a late night cocktail? Well, look no further than 7 West Café! Located on 7 Charles St W, this multifunctional dining experience will quickly become you’re favourite hangout. With a name like 7 West Café, you can bet it’s classy! Go there with someone you’re trying to impress, like a date, or your mom. Did we mention that it’s also open 24 hours? Make it look like you have your life together by eating at 7 West Café!


The Harbord Room
5⋆  |  $$$

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The Harbord Room is a charming restaurant located at 89 Harbord St that’s known pink walls and amazing menu. Food by Chef Cory Vitiello, The Harbord room will make your mouth water from their signature burger. This restaurant is perfect for a snazzy lil’ night out with it’s unique atmosphere. This menu has everything classified as fancy, from house made torchio pasta to warm octopus salad. This is a room that you’re not going to want to escape.


Kit Kat
4⋆  |  $$


Well look what the cat dragged in! Kit Kat is the quirky neighbour of Hey Lucy, placed only a few doors down at 297 King St W. This restaurant will remind you what interesting means, with its red lighting, customer carved wall, and alleyway layout, Kit Kat will quickly captivate you. Kit Kat’s food is just as good, it’s Italian style menu is full of rich flavours and fantastic eats. Trust us.